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Get your own router and figure out issues on your own.
With a United Managed Router all you have to do is call.

For ONLY $7.50/mo you have a direct line to customer service. A United representative can help manage your router and remotely fix your problems in no time! Our managed routers come with Gigabit and Dual Band wireless technology and can help streamline your home or office needs.

United Managed Router
You're prepared for the future with the United Managed Router that will bring your data to life, no matter what devices are used. This router supports ANY broadband technology. Teamed with managed router service and the Managed WiFi Access Point, your home will be ready for the future use of super-fast and a smooth data network.

United Managed WiFi AP Mesh Network
The United Managed WiFi Access Point complements the Managed Router Service by extending Wi-Fi coverage and capacity within your home. Subscribers want their Wi-Fi to work with any device in any location throughout their home. Over time, the numbers, types and locations of these devices has exploded. In response to the rapid adoption of Wi-Fi devices – like door locks, IP cameras and thermostats – and the demand for video content continues to grow and subscribers expect to watch anywhere on any device.

Call us today and ask about our Managed Router solutions.