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How do I install a DSL filter on my phone?

Do not plug the filter into the phone or device. Always plug the filter into the wall jack, then from there, into the phone or device. The above picture is the correct way to install a DSL filter.

Setting up a router or PC to use United's internet

When setting up your router for the first time, please select DHCP for the WAN/Internet port setting. This is usually the default setting in a brand new router. Some routers have a wizard to complete before you can actually use your internet. Please refer to your router manufacturer's instructions to complete the wizard steps.

If you just have a PC and no router, please make sure your network adpatper is set to DHCP or Automatic. Please make sure your operating system's firewall is enabled and active if plugging in a PC directly to the internet without a router.

Considerations to take when using United's internet
  • When streaming video, make sure your tier level can stream effectively. (One 4k stream can utilize 25Mbps)
  • Speed tests leave United's network may take more hops which can lead to false reports.
  • If your router is over 5 years old or the manufacturer does not provide firmware updates anymore, it's time to purchase a new router.


Other Problems / Issues

If you are still having problems, please contact the United Communications Helpdesk for further assistance at 1 800.794.9999