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What is digital cable?

Digital cable is a type of cable television that uses digital signals instead of analog. Because it uses digital signals it has many advantages over the older analog cable tv.

Can I get digital cable in my area?

We currently offer digital cable in the following towns. Ashland, Bucklin, Coldwater, Copeland, Cimarron, Ensign, Ford, Hanston, Ingalls, Jetmore, Montezuma, Protection, and Spearville.

What are the advantages of digital cable vs. analog?

Digital cable has many advantages over analog cable. Because the signal is digital the picture quality is dramatically improved. The sound quality is also greatly improved. Besides having better audio and video quality you will get more channels. High Definition (HD) channels are also available.

What is a Digital Video Recorder (DVR)?

A DVR is similar to a VCR except it is built into a digital receiver and records to a hard drive instead of a cassette. The DVR will allow you to record any show digitally and will allow playback through the receiver.